We are not just testing cappuccini wherever we go, we prepare it as well ourselves.
When we first started, more or less 5 years ago, we didn’t care much about the result. We were not concerned about the bean, the foam or the pressure when extracting the espresso shot. This has changed drastically. Now we spend hours discussing whether 9 bars or 10 bars are better or how to adjust the coarseness setting depending on weather conditions. We have tested at least 20 different beans from roasters from all over the world. And we steamed hundreds of litres of milk in order to get the perfect micro foam, not to mention the challenges of latte art.

On this side we want to show you the espresso machines we are using, have used or would like to use one day.

Gaggia Classic

It all started with the Gaggia Classic and it is the machine which we are still using every day. Certainly it’s a basic model, but you can learn and develop all the skills you would need to handle an advanced model. Though milk steaming is a completely different experience with the Gaggia Classic because the pressure of the steamer is fairly low. So you have to steam the milk for a quite a long time until it reaches the perfect temperature, which makes it necessary to control the foam during this long period which makes it a bit tricky. But you are able to produce a perfect micro foam. Still, it’s a one boiler machine which limits your possibilities but we love the machine and it will always be our first one.